Prophet CRM

Turbocharge Outlook

You use Outlook every day to manage Emails, Appointments and Tasks. 

Why don’t you manage your Client Relationships in Outlook too?

Now you can.

Prophet CRM helps you DO your job without BECOMING your job...

ALL driven within Outlook!

Built for Outlook | Proven for Business

Ease the challenge of training your team on a new CRM program.  They are already familiar with Outlook functionality and we are an intuitive extension of Outlook.  No begging employees to enter information on their interactions with prospects of clients either.  Prophet CRM is EMBEDDED within Outlook and tracks activities automatically.   Then everyone can access the information they need without having to leave Outlook.  Management has complete transparency over everything so they may INSPECT what they EXPECT.

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Seamlessly Integrates With...

Prophet CRM embeded in Microsoft Outlook
Prophet CRM embeded in Microsoft Excel
Prophet CRM embeded in Microsoft Exchange
Prophet CRM embeded in Microsoft Word
Prophet CRM embeded in Microsoft Office 365

Why Prophet CRM?

Built Inside Outlook

Think of Prophet as a power-booster for Outlook. Prophet allows your team to continue doing their daily "Blocking & Tackling" within the environment they already live and breathe in, Outlook.

Then we go beyond what Outlook allowed you to manage as Contacts, Appointments and Tasks. Now they can manage the entire relationship and Management may have complete transparency without burdening their teams with reporting.

Having embedded within Outlook, Prophet captures and rolls up traditional activities and key performance indicators to Management so your teams can focus on execution and spend their most valuable commodity, their TIME, on DOING their job.

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Automatic Sales Tracking

Prophet CRM's auto-tracking provides Intel like Created and Modified dates, when progression to another stage took place as well as specific metric details regarding each member of your team. Your data then provides the knowledge Management needs to increase revenues and moral by giving recognition to people and processes that are leading to success.  Then replicating those best practices to elevate the performance of your entire sales team and efficiency of those in other roles.

Proven for Business

We help your team DO their jobs without BECOMING their job. Most approach us for solutions with Sales and Marketing. Once everyone recognizes the colloborative environment and complete transparency that we provide,
the project takes on a larger scope. We have been in business for 16 years. We listen to our clients and continue innovating to enable them execution without the need to leave Outlook. Our 94% retention rate is indicative of our focus on User Adoption and organic growth within our CRM and within your company. We would be delighted to take you on a "Live-Drive" wherein you can ascertain whether or not we are the right CRM solution for your company. We are standing by to calendar an appointment.

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Prophet has deep experience helping companies in these industries...

Features of Prophet CRM

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready: Get access to create, manage and update your essential Contacts, Companies and Opportunities. Have critical Intel at your fingertips with applications for Android and IPhone. Talk your notes right into the records. Capture your thoughts while they are fresh and give your team immediate access to execute while you carry on to the next destination.


Integrated: Our professional services team has the flexibility to facilitate integrations with back office systems and external databases. We may take full responsibility for the deliverable or work with your IT in assisting with the facilitation of integrations via commercial tools or actual coding. We stand by to partner in maximizing your utilization of data in raising efficiencies and revenues.

Industry Focused

Our consultants draw upon experience in having implemented thousands of use cases. We work collaboratively with your key leadership in customizing your CRM so the User experience is an intuitive extension that reflects your taxonomy and workflow processes. All the while capturing the data and activities relevant to meet reporting requirements. In addition, we offer insights on how others have executed successfully on campaigns or endeavors you may be planning to try. 

Facts About Prophet

94 %
Renewal Rate

A staggering 94% of Prophet CRM users renew year after year.  No software is perfect as technology is continually changing.  It is the support and partnership that allows our clients to stay on top or their Client Management and get the ROI they are looking for.

23 %
Increase Sales

Time is your number one commodity.  With Prophet CRM, you quit wasting time searching for information and duplicating efforts in yet another disparate database.  Thereby increasing productivity and driving revenues.  Our clients show an average of a 23% increase in Sales.  How would that impact your company?

78 %
Customer Service

Prophet isn't just for the sales team.  78% of our clients use it to create a collaborative environment wherein a variety of departments share Intel and everyone may see  a 360° view of all activities surrounding an Account, Project, Company or Contact.