The Irony of CRM

People chat about Prophet CRM

Using CRM is essential and the challenge is providing a solution that is an intuitive extension of what your employees already do each day.

I have asked Managers, “Why would you fire one of your employees”? The answer usually implies that the employee is not doing the BASICS of calling, setting appointments, doing follow-ups and closing business. They think the answer is to track all activities by making their employees record them. Then the Manager will drive those metrics and expect higher productivity and success. Seems logical but not that simple in dealing with day to day reality.

While it is true that a CRM is an excellent tool for capturing activities and the Intel key to growing business, implementation failure is often contributed to making a common mistake. User Adoption is the #1 challenge with successfully implementing a CRM. Thus, the #1 consideration shouldn’t be sexy whistles and bells. It should surround their end-users perspective. Just as we sell to the public, we need to sell the solution to our employees.

Assume your employees absolutely want to DO their job and achieve higher success. Know that if not properly presented, your employees assume that an added CRM equals an additional job that will take away from their time to meet the demands of the job they already have.  They resist because they feel that instead of DOING their job, you are now expecting them to DO it with less time. They don’t want to waste time recreating a redundant record of all they do in some CRM that they believe benefits no one other than you, their Manager. Sound like a familiar complaint?

Rightly so when considering that the majority of CRM solutions require that you toggle to yet another program and disparate database in order to record the who, what, when, where and a multitude of other details regarding daily activities. The solution has to benefit the end-user too. It must be easily learned with a simple front-end. Yet have a robust enough back-end to provide Management with Intel they need to continually improve processes and drive revenues.

The irony is that both the Manager and the employee want to experience success. The challenge is providing a solution that is an intuitive extension of what your employees already do each day. If your employees already live and breathe in Outlook, why ask them to go anywhere else?

We can provide them a CRM that records their activities for them? A tool that may create and remind them of critical dates and times so that nothing falls through the cracks. A tool that enables a collaborative environment wherein Marketing, Business Development, Project Managers, Engineers and Customer Service Departments can share the Intel they need to best procure and maintain clients. Finally, one that provides the Management complete transparency without burdening their employees with more work.

The minute you start your day using Outlook, you are using the CRM! User Adoption achieved. 2018 is right around the corner. Email or call me. We can calendar a brief “Live-Drive” wherein you may quickly ascertain our viability as the right CRM solution for your company.