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Adding Users To A Prophet Record

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How to add users to a Prophet Record.

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Assigning Prophet users to records is an easy way to assign data in Prophet to a particular employee in your company. By default the person who originally creates each record is assigned as the user. Additionally, depending on each users permission settings, it may also allow that person to see that record in Prophet once it is assigned to them. You may assign as many users to any record as you'd like.

Step One: From any of the managers in Prophet, bring up the records that you would like to reassign.

Step Two: Select the records that you'd like to reassign. To select multiple records, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on each records. To select records sequentially, highlight the first record you would like to reassign, and then hold down the Shift key and click on the last record you would like to reassign.

Step Three: Right click on the records you've highlighted, click on "Users", click on "Assign to users...". A pop up window will appear.

Step Four: Now check the boxes next to each persons name that you would like to assign the record to and hit "OK". It will take about one second per record to reassign.

Congratulations! You've just assigned users to a record in Prophet!

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