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Adding A New Contact To A Company

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How to add a new contact to an existing company.

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This video will cover the easiest way to add a new contact to an existing company record. You can bring up the company record a couple different ways by searching for it using Prophets Total Search feature, in the Company Manager, or by clicking on the name of the company from with an Opportunity.

Step One: Bring up the company record that you'd like to add a contact to.

Step Two: In the contacts tab of the company record, click "Add...". A pop window will appear.

Step Three: Add in all of the contacts applicable information and select "Create New Contact".

Step Four: An Outlook Contact window will appear. You can make any additions here.

Step Five: Click "Save & Close" to add the contact to Outlook, Prophet, and the company record.

Step Six: Once you are done making changes to the company record click "Save and Close" to save any changes to the company record.

Congratulations! You've just created and added a new contact to a company!

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