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Prophet 7.3.000

Release Date:  11-November-2015
Prophet Version: 7.3
Components Updated in this Release: Prophet Client, Prophet Server (Release notes revised on 3/23/2016)

Upgrade Process:
Existing Prophet OnDemand clients will automatically be prompted to update when Outlook is opened after the 1st of each month following the availability of a new update. If you wish to update immediately, launch “Check for Updates” from the Prophet “Help” menu. Prophet OnPremise customers with an active service contract should contact support to schedule a time to update their server and clients.

Major additions in this release:
  • “Auto-Pop” document (Word and Excel) generation enhancements
  • Windows High DPI support
  • Windows 10 support
  • Office 2016 Support
  • Cascading Group Mail tracking
  • Prophet Health Monitor

High DPI (Windows graphics scaling). - Many of today’s modern Microsoft-based devices today (i.e. Window Surface Pro) employs Microsoft’s default “scaling” factor that automatically scales up application beyond their design.  For many applications, this causes sizing and usability issues.  Version 7.3 addresses these auto-scaling issues. 

Windows 10 Support. - Prophet 7.3 will easily install onto Windows 10 devices/pc’s.  While it’s possible to install older versions of Prophet onto Windows 10, the installation process involving prior versions was complicated.

Office 2016 Support. - Version 7.3 officially support Office 2016.

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included within this release.
  • “Auto-Pop” Document Generation. - Prior versions of Prophet offered a single template Excel “auto-pop” document generation feature for opportunity table data elements.   This features would allow the injection of selected data fields from an opportunity record into an Excel customized template file to create a custom, personalized document for a customer.  This tool is often used for creating a standardized formal quote or order form that could then be emailed to a customer.

    Version 7.3 greatly enhances this feature to include Microsoft Word document generation which can extract data elements from the selected contact, company, or opportunity record.  This feature now also supports multiple template creation and selection so you can create separate custom forms and documents for quotes, orders, verifications, letters, and other customer correspondence.

    Excel “auto-pop” document generation solely supports opportunity record data elements. Word “auto-pop” document generation supports contact, company, and opportunity record data elements.

  • Cascading Group Email Tracking. - Prior versions of Prophet provide a tracking activity and note to be added solely to the Prophet entity (contact, company, or opportunity) from which the group email originated.  For example, if a group email was initiated from a list of opportunities, those opportunities would have a tracking activity and note added. However, related contacts records would not.  Likewise, a group email initiated from the list of companies would add a note only to the company.

    With Prophet 7.3, group email tracking activity and notes will cascade from opportunity to contact.  Therefore, if a group email is initiated from a list of opportunities, the associated contacts will also be updated with the same tracking activity and note.  The same is true if the operation is initiated from a list of companies – the companies will be updated with the tracking activity and note.

Specific Bug Fixes
  • BUG# 4834 - Fixed an issue with Closed Date which for unset closed dates displayed as 1/1/1900 for certain (2 digit year) locales.
  • BUG# 4704 - Fixed an install issue related to a Microsoft toolset (VSTO) that sometimes failed to install.  This will minimize such issues for new installs of Prophet.
  • BUG# 4663 - Fixed issue with randomized Saved-View dropdown on SQL 2012 and later
  • BUG# 4627 - Server installer (which required .net 4.5) did not properly detect if .net 4.5 was missing.  It now warns of this condition.
  • BUG# 4594 - User guide was not pointing at correct URL on server.
  • BUG# 1918 - Fix an issue in which a company state value is improperly set and can lead to unintended states being set in the company object when edited. This was a very rare bug, but we added extra safety checking to prevent the misconfiguration from reoccurring.

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"We decided to switch to Prophet, and were impressed with how easy it was compared to the other solutions out there. I just open my e–mail and have all the production schedules, customer tracking, and analysis I needed, right there at my fingertips. Because of Prophet, we saw a sales increase of over 30% in the first 6 months. I would definitely recommend it to any small manufacturing company."

- Frank Mueller, CEO R&R Design

"Each salesperson is like their own business. I tell them to look at their business, understand their business, and take responsibility for it. Prophet helps each of us do just that. It keeps us focused so we don’t get lost in the day-to-day. In our business, it is grow or die. And Prophet helps us grow."

- Charlie Frysinger, President Tyoga Container Company

"As we consider expanding CRM systems to our other affiliates our familiarity with Prophet and comfort level with Avidian’s expertise made the analysis easier. It just works, and their supporting services are good — which is refreshing considering the everyday challenges my team face as an IT service provider."

- Eric Shelton, VP Information Technologies

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