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Prophet 7.1.000 Release Notes

Release Date:  13-Oct-2014
Prophet Version: 7.1.639
Components Updated in this Release: Prophet Client, Prophet Server

Existing Prophet OnDemand (POD) or Prophet OnPremise Hosted by Avidian clients will automatically be prompted to upgrade when Outlook is opened after the 1st of each month when a new update is available. To update these clients immediately, launch the updater manually from the Prophet Help Menu. Prophet OnPremise (POP) customers with an active service contract can download the Server and Client updaters from avidian.com in order to upgrade to version 7.1.

Major additions in this release:
Support for Prophet Analytics for Prophet Analytics OnPremise. - To enable Prophet OnPremise, Prophet Administrators configure their Prophet Server to allow their users access Analytics.  There is a small separate installer that can be installed on the end user to enable the control in Outlook. The client installer can be selectively run only for users who need to run Prophet Analytics.

Auto-linking of emails, appointments, and tasks to opportunities. - Users can associate an email address with an opportunity. Then all new or modified emails/appointments/tasks using that email address will be automatically associated with that opportunity. Sharing of linked Outlook objects between Prophet users continues to rely on the shared public Exchange folders.

UNICODE support for international languages. - Prophet database now allows users to enter data that contains UNICODE characters.

New Link Opportunity Dialog. - This dialog offers the same functionality of the Opportunity Manager. It is easier to use and allows better viewing and sorting of data. 

Auto cleanup of deleted contacts in Outlook. - When a contact is deleted in Outlook, Prophet removes the user who deleted the contact as an assigned user, but retain the contact record data in the Prophet database.  If the contact is deleted in Prophet, the contact record data (and any associated user assignments) will be deleted outright. 

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included within this release.
Admin web page Usage Report. - Fixed display issues of some users not displaying properly and optimized the performance.

Contact Merge Deletion. - Merging contacts now deletes the old contacts from each assigned user's local folder. The newly merged contact will remain in all assigned users local folder.

International Date Improvement. - Sales Automation and Workflow enable a formatted date delay.

All date fields are now sortable and filterable as dates in all of the view managers.
Progress bar shows status of data imports.

New option to copy all User Defined Field data in an opportunity, when an opportunity is copied.

"New Contact" button added to the "Add-Contact" dialogue for companies and opportunities. 

User Hierarchy logic is simplified within the Prophet CRM Database. - For flat hierarchies intended to grant all users unrestricted access of Prophet Data, you are no longer required to have a common root level manager.  You can simply set all users hierarchy settings as peers.  In this scenario, all users are “root” level, having no manager specified.  Alternatively, you could set a “root” level user’s permissions to Own and Reports which would not allow access to other “root” level users’ data.

Admin web page improvement. - Enables the deletion of users and removes the associated items assigned to the user.

Admin web page improvement. - Controls to prevent the last administrator to be mistakenly set as a user. 

Inline filter improvement. - A view now supports <= (less than or equal to) as a filtering criteria.

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- Frank Mueller, CEO R&R Design

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- Charlie Frysinger, President Tyoga Container Company

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- Eric Shelton, VP Information Technologies

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