Business Development

Key Functionality for Business Development:

  • Sales Automation -- To expand meaningful and rapid outreach to clients
  • Contact & Opportunity Management -- To quickly review your interaction history with a client, and make key decisions based on their needs
  • Embedded in Outlook -- Outlook is the communication hub!  ProphetCRM organizes all of those communications in a manner that is easy to consume.  Furthermore, this means no duplicate entry!

ProphetCRM for Business Development

In today’s competitive world it is harder than ever to get the attention of prospective customers.  Being smarter and more efficient with data which enables the ability to analyze who of your prospective clients are and for what opportunity.  This is centered within your CRM.  A key factor in an effective data collection is enabling not just your sales staff, but all employees, the ability to contribute data into your CRM.
There are many CRM’s out on the market which all have different approaches.  ProphetCRM is unique in that it is embedded within Microsoft Outlook© which is the most popular email / contact management tool.  By enabling all of your organization access to ProphetCRM you have the most effective data collection with an interface that is familiar and where they work already.  This familiarity increases user adoption which in turn results in more current data.
(ProphetCRM offers call reporting, which helps managers review client interactions and coach their teams to greater success)

The foundation of your business depends on data you collect on the relationships that you have fostered and are developing.  Having a CRM enables your organization to have the most up to date information.  Other benefits of CRM is that the transfer of information is more consistence and not at risk of being stored on an individual’s device.  Individual islands of information are at risk of not being updated or critical data not having the visibility to the rest of the organization potentially causing loss of revenue.

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“We decided to switch to Prophet, and were impressed with how easy it was compared to the other solutions out there. I just open my e–mail and have all the production schedules, customer tracking, and analysis I needed, right there at my fingertips. Because of Prophet, we saw a sales increase of over 30% in the first 6 months. I would definitely recommend it to any small manufacturing company.”

- Frank Mueller CEO R&R Design

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