CRM Solutions for Sales

Using CRM software for sales professionals seems like an obvious choice, but for many sales teams, making the leap to a CRM tool can seem intimidating. Seasoned sales people build habits, typically tracking customers using multiple solutions, including: jotting down notes on scraps of paper, setting up reminders in mail calendars, and thumbing through complicated spreadsheets. Many sales people resort to tracking customers with pen and paper, but old–school notes eventually present a logistical nightmare. There is hope, however, as several companies provide CRM tools that are intuitive, easy to use, and best of all, put all your customer data in one place.

“I have to admit, I was skeptical about using another piece of software for work. I had tried the Insight CRM for sales teams tool and was overwhelmed with the amount of time it was taking me to do simple tasks. With Prophet, everything I need is right there on the dashboard and I can prospect, follow–up, etc., all with just a few clicks.”

Why do Sales Professionals have Different CRM Needs?

Sales professionals have unique CRM needs thanks to the volume of customers they deal with, as well as the plethora of unique needs each has. Not only do they need to store customer contact and past order information, they also need to be able to predict future buying habits and look for opportunities to cross–sell to customers. CRM sales software does all of that.

CRM for sales teams simplifies customer data tracking, increasing teams’ efficiency. With all of their data in one place, sales professionals no longer pay the switching costs of looking for it in spreadsheets or across many scraps of paper. Sales professionals also need to document their contacts with customers, recording past interactions which can then inform approaches to later work. A CRM system can reduce the time sales professionals spend on mundane tasks, automating repetitive tasks and improving overall productivity.

What Customer Relationship Functionalities are Specific to Sales Teams?

Sales CRM solutions can speed the rate at which sales teams can create new opportunities and capitalize on existing ones. The ability to add leads to a CRM system can help a sales team quickly capitalize on new sales opportunities. The ability to update customer information company–wide within a CRM tool can prevent chances from slipping through the cracks. Finally, CRM for sales teams should be able to show all of the information on a customer in a meaningful way, giving teams the ability to effectively sell products targeted at a customer’s situation.

“There are so many sales CRM software to choose from, but I chose Prophet because it works seamlessly with the tools I already use. Most useful is the fact that it sorts all of my data into common–sense folders so I never have to search for a customer or sales record. I saw my sales increase by 10% just in the first week.”

Prophet CRM Sales Opportunity Management

Tired of letting sales opportunities slip through the cracks because you just don’t have time to enter all your data into your CRM, like you know you should? Prophet can help you track all your sales …

4 Ways to know your Sales Team is ready for a CRM Solution

Sales CRM software can help any business with sales functions succeed, and once your business’s sales needs start to outstrip other forms of data storage, you may be ready for a CRM solution. Some common issues that indicate that a team needs sales force automation and other CRM functions include:

Sales teams take too much time to report on issues When a sales team can’t communicate effectively regarding the status of its funnel, CRM for sales professionals can help by speeding response time and making issues apparent.

Sales teams are slow to communicate with customers .CRM for sales teams can help sales professionals communicate with customers regarding issues such as deal closure time and current account status.

You need an assistant to help you build a proper forecast. Your sales strategies can be checked against predictive sales analytics using CRM software, helping you choose the right tactics for current market conditions.

Account reviews use too many tools. If your data is spread across several spreadsheets, notepads, and email chains, a CRM solution can help you consolidate the data and get a clearer picture of each account.

“I’m an old–school sales guy. I’ve been using pen and paper for the past 30 years and I’ve gotten along fine. But with all these cloud–based services and people relying on social media so much, I decided I wanted to be more connected to prospective customers and increase my sales. Prophet was the obvious solution because it’s so easy to use. I don’t have time to learn to use a new tool, and the great thing about Prophet is that it works just like the Office tools I’m used to.”

How Can Prophet Help Sales Teams Succeed

Prophet serves as a strong CRM for sales teams and can help your business by:

Making it easier to prospect. Prophet keeps your tasks, customers, and schedule easy to organize within Outlook, making prospecting much easier. A CRM for sales professionals like Prophet will automate sales tasks by giving you a list of leads and letting you easily contact them, and provides the tools sales teams need to capture these leads.

Keeping you organized. With Prophet, all your customer, marketing, and sales data is in one place. You’ll no longer have to sort through complicated lists, cut or paste from other documents, or manually find leads. This makes it easier to share lists with other team members and target the customers that will buy.

Connecting you to social media. Prophet enables businesses to capture data from important social media outlets, such as those of their customers. By capturing this data, sales teams can further target their sales efforts to supplement the unique needs of their customers.

Securing your data.Cloud–based sales CRM software keeps your records safe from hardware or software failure and security breaches because it’s stored remotely.