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Simple.  Powerful.  Prophet.

"We are just looking for something to help us manage our contacts."

We hear prospective customers say this nearly every day.  ProphetCRM will absolutely help you manage your contacts, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  At ProphetCRM we take pride in answering questions and providing resolutions.  Our product has been designed with "Stupid Simplicity" in mind, and our goal is for Users to not only take advantage of ProphetCRM's features, but to use these features to create robust systems centered around a marquee client experience.

Our most important feature should go without saying: ProphetCRM is truly embedded in Outlook.  This enables incredible adoption, as anyone who is using Outlook is also using ProphetCRM.  A Sales Team that has partially adopted a CRM cannot take full advantage of that CRM, but with Prophet adoption is easy and natural.

More sales in less time.

One of ProphetCRM's greatest strengths is allowing Sales Reps and Account Managers to decrease the length of their sales cycles.  This allows Sales Professionals to use that time to extend their reach beyond typical levels.  ProphetCRM's Sales Automation and Workflow features are great assets to help move Suspects to Prospects, and Prospects to Customers.  

Quote Instantly.

Your customers should never have to wait on a Sales Rep to put together a quote.  Your Customer relies on you for excellent service, their time is valuable and your team's time is valuable.  Quote, Document, and Form Generation is made easy with Prophet's File Gen feature.  In a click of a button you can populate Excel or Word Documents with Customer Information, Product Information, Discounts, Billing and Shipping addresses, and Custom Fields.

Have all the answers.

Sales Managers are probably not used to being on the wrong end of a Pop-Quiz, and without Prophet's PowerBI driven Analytics we think most would fail!  The good news is that any Sales Manager who can pass our Pop-Quiz probably does not need ProphetCRM.  Give it a try:
  1. How many quotes were sent out last month?
  2. What is the conversion ratio from Qualified Lead to Close?
  3. Which of your lead sources provides the most quality leads?  
  4. Which of your lead sources provides the highest ROI?
  5. Are your Sales People spending dollars to chase dimes?
  6. Who is your most efficient Sales Person?
  7. What is the weakest stage in your sales cycle? -- And what are you doing to fix it?

Be Mobile.

We all spend too much time on our phones.  The least we could do is try to be productive!  ProphetCRM's mobile app puts the power of Prophet in the palm of your hand.  Add and call contacts, record notes with talk-to-text, and bring in the revenue no matter where you are.

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“We decided to switch to Prophet, and were impressed with how easy it was compared to the other solutions out there. I just open my e–mail and have all the production schedules, customer tracking, and analysis I needed, right there at my fingertips. Because of Prophet, we saw a sales increase of over 30% in the first 6 months. I would definitely recommend it to any small manufacturing company.”

- Frank Mueller CEO R&R Design

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