CRM Solutions for Non-Profit

This resource will show you how customer relationship management (CRM) helps you manage the relationship information your non profit organization needs to succeed, improving your familiarity with your constituents and their needs. You will learn about specific non profit CRM software solutions that can help you improve time management, gather resources, and strengthen relationships.

“We were going crazy trying to piece together various tools such as Groundspring for donations, Constant Contact for e–mail marketing, and eBase for database management that were not designed to work together. We were losing donors and experiencing increased overhead costs as a result. We switched to Prophet, a CRM for non profit agencies, a little over 90 days ago. We’re already enjoying a 17% increase in donor involvement. We would definitely recommend Prophet.”

The Giving USA 2013: The Annual Report on Philanthropy reported that charitable donations in the United States totaled $316.23 billion, increasing 3.5% since 2011, and competition for charitable donations has intensified in that time. Making your organization stand out from the rest means being careful with constituent relationships, and CRM can help you gather that information, maximize efficiency, and ultimately strengthen relationships.

Why should my Non Profit organization care about CRM?

Non profit CRM software focuses on capturing and tracking data on relationships, and non profit organizations thrive on good relationships with donors, constituents, supporters, or stakeholders. These people provide your organization with time, money, and resources and are crucial to your success, so you must have a way to efficiently manage each relationship.

These programs provide a way for organizations like yours to capture, track, and spread information on these stakeholders and ultimately serve them more effectively. Implementing a non profit CRM software solution will help you streamline all of your key processes like donation processing, volunteer management, email marketing, and performance reporting into a single integrated platform. Software which offers a unified platform model can give you a comprehensive view of activity within your organization. This lets you position your organization to experience greater volunteer involvement, increased donations, and improved community impact.

Customer Relationship Software Functions Important to Nonprofits

As a leader in the nonprofit field, you will want to communicate with constituents of all types. As a result, consider a CRM program that will allow you to send mass emails to different groups of constituents. You should also look into CRM solutions that allow you to categorize constituents. Mass mails are more powerful when targeted at specific constituent groups, and a CRM for non profit software solution should allow you to send different messages to major donors than to political leaders.

“Before Prophet, none of our databases talked to each other easily. Our main organizational database was great for fundraising and accounting, but horrible for communications. Collecting data was extremely difficult because each staff member ran their queries differently, so we never had an accurate count of how many supporters we had data or how to reach them. Implementing Prophet CRM for non profit software has helped us to streamline our processes and get a clearer view of our constituent base.”

When making allowances for non profit CRM solutions for your organization, consider options that will streamline your existing processes. Many non profit organizations have multiple existing databases for different types of constituents, so software that offers database consolidation functions can help your nonprofit succeed.

How Can Prophet Help Non Profits?

Prophet’s non profit CRM software can provide your nonprofit with an integrated database of all constituent relationships within the familiar interface of the popular Microsoft Outlook e–mail platform. Prophet CRM software can be tailored to the specifics of your organization to help you improve in the areas where you most covet efficiency.

“We are a small nonprofit, but we started considering purchasing a CRM software for non profit solution when we realized several of our clients were falling through the cracks due to our inefficient spreadsheet–based tracking system. We found Prophet CRM to be very intuitive, and because it’s web–based, we can use it anywhere. Since installing Prophet, we have consolidated our databases, resulting in a 38% increase in staff productivity.”

In addition, tools within Prophet CRM make it possible for your staff to access a complete history of each constituent’s interactions, including volunteer activity, donations, event participation, and social media involvement. This allows your organization to engage with your constituents in the most effective and meaningful way possible. As a CRM for non profit organizations, Prophet offers mobile capabilities, letting you connect with your constituents no matter where they are located.