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Prophet Analytics gives you a comprehensive set of highly actionable, full color performance dashboards. Leveraging an insightful Power BI reporting engine to aggregate and display information inside the Prophet CRM software, Prophet Analytics transforms your data into interactive graphs and tables making your firm smarter by highlighting trends. Now i'll go into a brief overview of each page that's included out of the box with your Prophet subscription.
"Prophet has helped us not only make more sales calls, but also to make those calls more targeted. It has improved our communications to the team and customers. It helps us track customer obligations and then follow through on those obligations. When a salesperson follows through on a customer obligation, they are a hero. If they don’t, well, then they are a bum. Prophet helps my team be heroes."
Gary DelGreco, National Sales Manager, Motorcar Parts of America 

Pipeline Analysis

This Pipeline Analysis report is great for getting an at a glance look at how your team or specific Users are trending over a selected date range. This report pulls pipeline related information for forecasting Revenue based on the Est. Closed Date of the Opportunity, as well as breaking down the active opportunities by User and Stage.

Activity Analysis

The Activity Report is a great way to track how much and what kind of interaction your employees are having with clients and in what direction things are trending. This is useful for managing how much time is spent on each account, allowing you to tailor your plan of attack to focus in on the biggest fish. Or inversely, see if there are people spending too much time on smaller accounts.

Team Analysis

The Team Analysis report pulls activity and revenue information based on the selected date range. This allows you to investigate any correlations between activities and revenue for your whole team or individual users and how they are trending, as well as where each company is located geographically.

Product Analysis

The Product Analysis report pulls your opportunity data with a focus on the information from the Products/Services tab. This will allow you to see what products are selling when, who is selling them, who is buying them, the total value of what is active/won/lost in the pipeline, and how often each product or service is sold when it is offered giving you insight into how to best prepare future inventory or staff for future sales coming down the road.

How to Use Prophet CRM Analytics

This page shows you how to interact with the report as well as how to order a custom report and a link back to this page so that you can you can learn more about our Analytics.

Custom Reporting

If you or your company has specific points of data that you'd like to have incorporated into a Power BI report in a certain way, just fill out the form below, give us a call, or send us an email and we'd be more than happy to discuss options with you about how to make that happen. We've got in house Power BI experts ready to make your custom reporting dreams come true.

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"We decided to switch to Prophet, and were impressed with how easy it was compared to the other solutions out there. I just open my e–mail and have all the production schedules, customer tracking, and analysis I needed, right there at my fingertips. Because of Prophet, we saw a sales increase of over 30% in the first 6 months. I would definitely recommend it to any small manufacturing company."

- Frank Mueller, CEO R&R Design

"Each salesperson is like their own business. I tell them to look at their business, understand their business, and take responsibility for it. Prophet helps each of us do just that. It keeps us focused so we don’t get lost in the day-to-day. In our business, it is grow or die. And Prophet helps us grow."

- Charlie Frysinger, President Tyoga Container Company

"As we consider expanding CRM systems to our other affiliates our familiarity with Prophet and comfort level with Avidian’s expertise made the analysis easier. It just works, and their supporting services are good — which is refreshing considering the everyday challenges my team face as an IT service provider."

- Eric Shelton, VP Information Technologies

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