Why are my Prophet Folders Missing?

When you use Prophet, you may come across a time where you notice one or several of your Prophet Manager folders are missing from Outlook. This could happen by accidently deleting the folder(s) or by accidentally dragging the folder(s) into another folder. To resolve the issue follow the steps below to re-create the Prophet Manager folder(s).


Step 1: Create one of the Prophet Manager folders

  • With the mouse, right click on your email address in Outlook to display a Outlook Menu
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-2
  • Select the New Folder Option, you will see an option to type in the name of the new folder
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-3
  • Name the folder Contact Manager and press the enter key on the keyboard
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-4
  • Locate the Contact Manager folder that you just created in your Outlook Folder List
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-5
  • With the mouse, right click on the Contact Manager folder and select properties
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-6
  • When the Contact Manager Properties screen shows up, select the Home Page tab at the top of the properties page
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-7
  • In the address line, type out the following connection path: C:\Program Files\Technologies\Prophet\Avidian.htm
  • Make sure to check off the Show home page by default for this folder
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-8
  • Press the Apply button. If you are prompted with a Microsoft Outlook message like below, press OK and then Press Cancel
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-9

Step 2: Rebuilding the remaining Prophet Manager folders

  • Open Prophet by clicking on the Contact Manager folder that we created above
  • With the Prophet Contact Manager open, press the Tools button in Prophet to open the Prophet Administrator.
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-10
  • Press the Rebuild Manager Folders button at the bottom of the page to rebuild the remaining folders.
  • Once you have pressed the Rebuild Manager Folders button, you will get a message saying the Prophet folders have been rebuilt.
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-11
  • You will now be able to see your Prophet Manager folders on the left hand side of Outlook. You will also be able to delete the extra Contact Manager folder.
  • why-are-my-prophet-folders-missing-figure-12