What does this invocation error mean?

When importing information into Prophet you can run into certain errors during the validation process that you may not understand or which do not make sense to you. A specific example of this type of message is the error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.


This error is seen for two reasons.

  1. The version of Prophet you are using is older than your server level which creates a mismatch of table fields from the client to the server.

    • To resolve this please update your version of Prophet to the newest version.
      1. Download Prophet Update from: www.avidian.com/install/clientupdate
      2. Close Outlook.
      3. Run downloaded update.
      4. Open Outlook and try import again.


  2. A Primary Field Type is being duplicated or does not match the criteria for import.

    • To resolve this issue.
      1. Make sure Primary Keys like Company Name, Prophet ID, and External ID are not duplicated within the spreadsheet or against information already existing within Prophet.

        • If information is duplicated remove duplication and re-import.
      2. Or, confirm that dropdown menu items are spelled within the Import exactly as shown within the Prophet Field.

        • Once dropdown fields are spelt exactly as they appear in Prophet re-import.