What does the designer do?

To modify the layout of the basic format reports, you will use the Report Designer.

Prophet CRM: Designer View

The main purpose of the Report Designer is to be able to change the layout and the header titles on your report. In the PDF view of the report specifically, it is used for making more room for the data to spread out in the column width. Please refer to the attached document for detailed instructions on the Report Designer.

What if my report is not pulling any data / I get an error that says “no data to report” when I run my report?
Prophet CRM: Report manager - No Report Warning Dialog Box

The most common cause of blank reports is that selection criteria for the report have been set too narrow for Prophet to find data that matches all the criteria set.

A good practice is to start with a wide data set with very few criteria, and run the report to make sure it is extracting data as you would anticipate. Then narrow the selection criteria as needed. When no data is presented, often times the date range is set too narrow or a particular filter eliminates the data you are actually searching for.

To verify what filters are in place, refer to the Sort Parameters and Filters section of the Report Manager.

Prophet CRM: Report Manager - Sort Parameters and Filters Dialog Box

Look within each tab (Date, Accounts, Revenue, and Criteria) to see which filters have been set.

  • Is the data range possibly filtering out the data you want?

  • Are you only filtering on specific contacts or companies?

  • Is the revenue range too specific?

  • Is there another criterion that was set?

  • Perhaps there are several filters in place and your data does not meet ALL filters set.

Start with no filters and then slowly add filters to ensure you don’t end up filtering out ALL the data.