What does the data validation tell me about my import?

The Prophet Import Tool has a wonderful feature that allows you to validate your data before it is imported. This gives clients the chance to correct data mistakes before they are imported into the Prophet Database. However, understanding the validation screen can be confusion.

Here is a breakdown of the Validation Screen.

General Information about Import


The Information located at the top of the Validation Screen gives you specific information about your import.

Name Item in Import
Data Type Type of Import being completed
Blank space to the right of Data Type Name of Excel Workbook being imported
Time(hh:mm:ss) Time taken to validate import
Import Rows Scanned: Total number of rows import tool has viewed for validation for that Data Type.

Source Column


The Source Column shows the name of the mapped column within the spreadsheet that is being discussed.



The Message gives detailed information about the validation issue being cited.



The Value gives the field item shown within the spreadsheet which has caused the validation issue.



The Severity describes the type of validation issue that must be addressed. To see specific types of Severity issues please continue looking in the Frequently Asked Questions for these specific types.



The Row indicates the row number within the spreadsheet on which the validation issue has occurred.