What do I do if I added a contact but am not finding it in contact manager?

If you added the contact through Outlook as opposed to Prophet, the data you entered may not have been imported into the Prophet folder. Go to Prophet and resync your data.

Prophet CRM: Resync Contact Date View

If you added the contact from within Prophet, check that your working contact folder matches up to the folder you are filtering on.

  1. Go to Tools > Prophet Administrator and then look at what is set as your working contact folder.

    Prophet CRM: Adminstrator General Tab View

  2. Verify that that same folder, “My Contacts” in the above example, is what folder is selected in your view.

    Prophet CRM: Contact Manager-Edit Current View View

  3. Make sure that folder is selected and then look in the Additional Filtering section to make sure no other filters are set.

    Prophet CRM: Contact Manager All Contacts Filter View and Prophet CRM: Contact Manager Contact Filter Options View