What are the best practices for importing my information?

The Prophet Import Tool is a wonderful feature that allows you to bring in information from any Excel formatted worksheet into Prophet. However, there are a few best practices that can help you to ensure you are bringing in your data in the best possible way.

Excel Workbook

Unlike older versions of the Prophet Import Tool a single worksheet can no longer be used to import contact, company, and opportunity information. Each of these data types must be imported separately. For that reason it is best practices to create each data type to be import as a separate worksheet within a single workbook (though you may have multiple workbooks if you wish).

An Example of this is shown below:


Import Structure

When importing multiple common data types at a single time – what we refer to as stacking your import – it is best to order them in the following format:




Unfortunately, you cannot import common data types and uncommon data types at the same time. That means you cannot import both Opportunity and Opportunity_Contact at the same time. This is because the Opportunity must already exist within Prophet before you can link a Contact to it.

A Common Import will look like this:


An Uncommon Import will look like this:


Correct Errors Before Importing

To make sure the best possible data is being imported into the Prophet Database it is important to correct all errors before continuing to import after validating the data. If any issues arise during the validation of the data, it is best to save your mapped setting, correct the issues, and validate again to confirm the issues have been resolved.

To see how to correct validation issues please read through the Frequently Asked Questions about the type of Validation Issue you are experiencing.