Updating Prophet’s Working Contact Folder

Create a Temporary Contacts Folder

Select Outlook’s “Contacts” folder and click “New Folder”.

Name it Prophet Temp.


Set Prophet to the Temp Folder

Select “Outlook Mail”, then select “Contact Manager”. Click Prophet’s “Tools” button and open “Prophet Adminsitrator”.


From the “General” tab, note which folder is listed under the “Working Contact Folder” button. Next, click the “Working Contact Folder” button.


Click the “Refresh” button (blue chasing arrows).

Check the box for the Prophet Temp folder. Click “OK”, then click “Yes” to register that folder. Then click “No” to synchronize it. Finally, click “OK” to close the “Set Working Contact Folder” page.

Close the Prophet Administrator window.


Create a View to Use to Synchronize and Unregister Old Folders

With “Contact Manager” selected, click inside the “View” name box. Next, click “Tools”, then click “Create New”. Name it “Contact Folder for Sync ONLY”.


Change “Select Contact by” to “Contact Folder(s)”.


Select each line (whether checked or not) except “Prophet Temp”, and click “Exclude”. Continue until all rows except “Prophet Temp” are gone.

Save and close.


Set Working Contact Folder

Select “Contact Manager”, then click Prophet’s “Tools” button to open “Prophet Administrator”.


This time, check the box for your actual preferred Working Contact Folder.

Or if your company uses a public contact folder, check “Show Public Folders” and check the box for that folder.

Once selected, Click “OK”, click “Yes” to register, and “No” to synchronize (you may not get this prompt).


Synchronize the Local Contacts Folder

Select “Contact Manager”. Click inside the “View” name box and select the “Contact Folder for Sync ONLY” view.

Now click the “Tools” button and select “Resync Data” and then “Resync Contact Data”.


This resync can take from one second to 30 minutes depending on how many contacts you have, your Internet upload speed, proximity to the mail server, etc.


Once completed, change your “View” to whatever you prefer.