Setting Up Prophet Analytics for Prophet OnDemand User

To setup your Prophet Analytics in Prophet, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enable Prophet User for Analytics on Prophet Administration Site. (Prophet Admin Access Only)

Prophet Administrator Instructions

  1. Log into with Prophet Login information
  2. Press the Analytics Licenses link on the left hand side of the Prophet Administrator page ( See Below)
  3. Place a check mark under the Analytics Standard column, next to the Prophet User that needs Prophet Analytics enabled (See Below)

Prophet Analytics
Prophet CRM Analytics

Step 2: Setting Up Prophet Analytics on Prophet Users Machine

Prophet User Instructions:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Open the Contact Manager Folder
  3. Press the Tools button in Prophet, this will open the Prophet Administrator page in Prophet (See Below)
  4. After the Prophet Administrator page is open, press the Rebuild Manager Folders button at the bottom of the Prophet Administrator page. (See Below)
  5. You will now see an Analytics Manager folder within your Prophet folders. ( See Below)

Setting Up Prophet Analytics on Prophet Users Machine
Setting Up Prophet Analytics
Prophet Analytics Manager Folder

Step 3: Open Prophet Analytics

  1. Press the Analytics Manager button from the list of Prophet Folders
  2. Analytics Manager will open up (See Below)

pen Prophet Analytics