Restoring the Prophet Outlook Ribbon

Issue: Prophet Ribbon does not show up at the top of either Outlook or Outlook Contact card.

Prerequisite: Prophet must be installed and functional.

You will need to run two executable files located in C:\Program Files\Technologies\Prophet to restore the ribbon. **Note** If you copy and paste C:\Program Files\Technologies\Prophet into the Windows explorer address bar, it will take you directly to the installation file.

  1. Close Outlook


  2. In the folder above, locate this file: AvtAddin2010.vsto.


  3. Run this file by double clicking it.

    NOTE: If you get an error when attempting to run this file you will need to install the following Windows update: ( titled “Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime”. If the link above is no longer active, search the web for “Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime download” to locate it.

  4. Find “ConfigureProphetClient.exe” in the same folder and run it by double clicking the file name.


  5. Close the folder.

  6. Open Outlook, then open Prophet. The ribbon will now be up and running.