How do I eliminate duplicate companies in my Prophet company manager?

The most common reason for duplicate company information in prophet is the company name is represented differently across several records (spelling, punctuation, capitalization). For example, if four company records are imported into Prophet with the following company names, TH Enterprises, T-H Enterprises, th-enterprises, they will be treated as THREE separate companies, even though all three names represent one company.

Take the example below – Ashburg Finance is in Prophet four times, though the wording is slightly different each time.

Prophet CRM: Company Manager View and Prophet CRM: Outlook Contact View

In order to consolidate these records into one company record, you must edit each CONTACT record to reflect one consistent company name, including spelling and punctuation.

In this case, we will merge all contacts into the company Ashburg Finance LLC. Open each contact record and change the spelling of the company name.

Prophet CRM: Outlook Contact View
Prophet CRM: Outlook Contact View

Now all contacts will be merged together in one company record, see below.

Prophet CRM: Company Manager View
Prophet CRM: Company & Contact View