How do I connect to Prophet On-Premise via an iPhone using the Prophet iPhone CRM app?

Prerequisite: The Company must have Prophet setup on an externally facing website to access Prophet Mobile from their cellphone/other device.

1. Open the Prophet App on your device.

Prophet iPhone CRM app

2. Click the little gear in the upper right hand corner

Prophet iPhone CRM app Login

3. Ensure that “On Premise Server” is selected

Prophet iPhone CRM app On Premise Server

4. Ensure that “http(s)://” is selected (as appropriate)

5. Put this into the “Please enter URL:” field –> http(s)://Customer *NOTE* you do not need “prophet/prophetwebservices/” like you do in Outlook. It should only be “”.

6. Press the “Set” button, if it’s correct you will get a validation message, if you get an error recheck the server address to ensure that it’s correct.

7. Enter your Prophet User name and password and press “Login”

Prophet iPhone CRM

7. Use Prophet as desired