How do I configure Office 365 for use with Prophet 6?

  1. Prophet 6 users can share contacts, companies, opportunities, emails, calendars, and tasks in Office 365 by using a “shared mailbox”. Instructions for configuring a shared mailbox environment are as follows:

  2. Create a shared mailbox in Office 365. Microsoft’s instructions regarding creating shared mailboxes are found at:

  3. Add the shared mailbox to your Outlook client’s profile. This step will also need to be done on each prophet user’s computer. Microsoft’s instructions regarding how to add a shared mailbox to a user’s Outlook client profile are found at:

  4. In newly created shared folder, create a new folder titled All public Folders (case sensitive). Then create any shared contact/email/appointment/task folders beneath the All public Folders folder.

  5. Configure prophet to use the shared mailbox. This step is done once by a prophet administrator:

    • Open the Outlook client.

    • Click on the Contact Manager subfolder in “prophet” folder.

    • Click on the “Tools” button in the toolbar to open the prophet Administrator window.

    • Click on “Manage Shared Folder” tab

    • Click on radio button “Other (Shared Mailbox)”

    • Specify the root folder of your shared folder by clicking on the button labeled “…”

    • Select the location you would like to use to store the shared items and click the “apply” button.

    • You will be prompted if you wish prophet to automatically create the necessary subfolders, you may click “yes” to that prompt.

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