How do I clean up duplicate contacts with the Merge Contacts Feature in Prophet?

When using Prophet, you may come across contacts that are either misspelled or have different naming conventions, but these contacts are really the same contact as an existing contact in Prophet. Also you may come across contacts that were accidentally entered more than once into Prophet.

To clean up duplicate contacts with the merge contact feature in Prophet, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate duplicate contacts within Prophet Contact Manager

  • You can use the search feature or scroll through Contact Manager to find the duplicated contacts.
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-1

Step 2: Open the duplicated contact that you want all data merged into

  • With the contact open, add a note to the contact card and then press save and close
  • The reason for opening the Contact is Prophet will merge all the data into the most recently modified date, making this the Master Contact Record
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-2

Step 3: Selecting All Contacts to Merge

  • To select the contacts that you would like to merge, select one of the contacts, and then hold down the Control Button (Ctrl) on the keyboard and then left click with the mouse. You should see both contacts highlighted
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-3

Step 4: Completing the Contact Merge

  • With your selection of Contacts selected, right click on one of the selected contacts
  • From the menu, select Merge Contacts
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-3
  • With the Prophet Contact Merge window open, this will be a preview of how the Contact card will look once the merge is completed. You can make any other changes to the contact card by filling any remaining fields.
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-4
  • When ready to complete the merge, press the merge button. You will see another window pop up on the screen showing the removal of the one contact.
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-5
  • Next you will see a message Contacts Merged Successfully. Go ahead and press the OK button
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-6
  • Lastly, when you have refreshed the Contact Manager view, by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard, you will see that the merge of the contacts have been made.
  • how-do-i-clean-up-duplicate-contacts-with-the-merge-feature-figure-7