How do I assign Opportunities to other Prophet Users?

When you use Prophet, you may come across a time where you will want to either be assigned to Prophet Opportunities or assign other Prophet User(s) to Opportunities from within Prophet. Assigning Opportunities in Prophet allows users to easily look up who is in control of the Prophet Opportunity. Below are the steps on how to assign the Opportunities to other Prophet User(s).

Open Opportunity Manager

  • Open the Prophet Opportunity Manager by clicking on the Opportunity Manager Folder from your Outlook Folder List
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Locate the Opportunities you want to assign to a Prophet User(s)

  • With Opportunity Manager open, we will want to locate the Prophet Opportunities that we want to assign to a Prophet User(s)
  • Once you have located the Opportunity(s) that we want to assign to a Prophet User(s), we will want to select the Opportunity(s) in Prophet.
    • If you are selecting more than one Opportunity, you can click on the first Opportunity and then hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select another Opportunity. You will see that the Opportunity(s) are highlighted in Prophet.
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Assigning the Prophet Opportunity(s) to a User(s)

  • With your Opportunity(s) still selected from the previous step, we will want to right click with the mouse on the selection of Opportunity(s). You will be given a menu of options to select from. We will want to select Users and then Assign to Users
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  • Once you click the Assign to Users option, we will be prompted with a small dialog window called Assign to Users
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  • Go ahead and put a check mark in the box next to the User(s) that need to be assigned to the Prophet Opportunity(s) and then press the OK button.
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Verify the user assignment of the Opportunity(s) in Prophet

  • From within Opportunity Manager, we will want to check the Users column within the Prophet view and verify that the User is populated into the column. If you do not see the Users column in the Opportunity Manager view you will want to edit the view to add the Users column into the view.
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  • Once you have verified that Opportunity(s) are assigned to the correct user(s), the assigning of Prophet Opportunities is complete.