How do I add a category to a company record?

You can assign Categories to your Company Records, and these categories can then be used to filter companies in your view or within reports.

Prophet CRM: Company Manager Categories View

There are two ways to get a category to appear in the company’s categories list:

  1. Your administrator can add company categories from Tools > prophet Administrator > Categories in prophet. When categories are added this way, they are only available to assign to companies.

  2. All categories created in Outlook and assigned to a CONTACT in prophet will automatically appear in the Company Category option list.

Create Company Categories through prophet Administrator

  1. Go to Tools > prophet Administrator and select the Categories tab.

    Prophet CRM: Administrator Categories View

  2. This will display a list of all categories in prophet.

  3. To add a category, click the Add button.

  4. Categories created this way will not be automatically available in Outlook to assign to CONTACTS.

  5. If you choose to remove a category by clicking the Remove button, the categorization of any contacts or companies currently assigned to that category will be lost.

Create Company Categories through Outlook

  1. Create a dummy (or fake) contact called “Company Categories.”

    • Select Categories > All Categories

      Prophet CRM: Contact Categories View

    • Select all categories you want available in prophet (place check-marks next to them), or create new categories by clicking the New button.

      Prophet CRM: Color Categories - New Category View

    • Categories are now assigned to the Outlook contact in prophet and therefore will be available in Company Categories as well.

      Prophet CRM: Contact Category View

  2. Add Category to Company Record

    • Open Company Manager.

    • Select Company Record.

    • Open Company Record.

    • Select Categories Tab.

      Prophet CRM: Company Manager Select Categories View

    • place a check-mark next to all categories you wish to assign to this company.

    • All categories currently assigned to this company will appear at the top of the list.

    • Save and Close Company Record.

    • See Category added to Company Record.

      Prophet CRM: Company Manager Categories View