How Can I Setup Opportunity Numbers Automatically Generated?

Automatically generated Opportunity Record Numbers are a great way to create a unique ID for each Opportunity that is added to Prophet. This will allow you to pull information through views and reports on specific Opportunities.

The Record Number is easily found on the General tab of your Prophet Opportunity and can be started at any number you wish. By default, will normally set your Record Number to begin at 1,000.



While the Record Number is shown on the general tab of the Opportunity, the information for this field is saved on UserTab 3 in field 103 (the last field in User Tab 3). For this reason, label103 must not be in use to hold any other data.

How to Setup Record Numbers for Opportunities

Please contact Support and we will enable Prophet Opportunities to automatically generate a record number.

When contacting Support please include the number you would like to start your count on if other than 1,000.

This number will begin with the first Opportunity in your database, including historical data.

Additional Pieces of Information to Know

  • If you would like to have the label on the General tab reflect another name than “Record Number” please let Support know when you submit the request.
  • If you would like, you can match that name of Label103 to the name given to Support to be used on your General Tab.
    • To change the field name of Label103 an Administrator will need to log into your Prophet Administrator Website to make the change.

Viewing the Record Number within Your View

Within your Opportunity Manager views you can add your new Record Number to your view by selecting the column name from the Edit View button.