Can I export my data out of Prophet, edit/update that information and then re-import it back into Prophet?

This is technically possible but is not recommended.

Let’s explore the steps of how to do this and then take a look at the potential problems you might encounter.

First, to export data out of Prophet, you will need to either create a report using the Report Wizard (please refer to that section of this FAQs), or you can also export data from your views in Prophet.

Prophet CRM: Contact Manager View

Once you have the data exported out of Prophet (in excel format), you can begin editing that data.

Prophet CRM: Excel Export of Company Information View

Once you have updated the information, in this case the addresses, you will need to then copy and paste each cell into Prophet’s import template and then import that back into Prophet.

Prophet CRM: Import Template View 3

The problem is this: any cell that is left blank in the import template will then replace/overwrite what was currently in Prophet for each contact/company. In this case since we were only looking to update the addresses, we left blank all the other columns like phone number, email address, notes, etc. So for John Haden, the information that was already in Prophet will be replaced by what is on the import template. If the phone number cell is left blank, his phone number will be erased in Prophet. If the notes cell is left blank, we will lose all existing notes that had been tracked thus far.

To avoid the potential loss of data, you would need to build a report using the Report Wizard that includes all fields from Prophet. Since that is not possible, you would need to build one report for your contact data and one report for you company data.

Another issue is regarding opportunities. When you import opportunity data into Prophet, it won’t update or overwrite the existing data. Instead, Prophet will create new opportunities. So if you export all opportunity data out of Prophet, update that information, transfer that into the import template and then import that into Prophet, you will then have duplicate opportunities all with a new created date and modified date.

So while this is technically possible, it also poses problems and a lot of additional work to avoid losing important data.