Customer Service Solutions

Prophet CRM - Your Way to Excellent Customer Service

Prophet CRM is your easy to use Customer Service and Resolution CRM solution seamlessly integrated within your Microsoft Outlook program. Further, it operates using the same familiar ICONS for ACTIONS like:

  • email
  • appointments
  • and tasks, along with additional ones that integrate with Word and Excel

    Prophet CRM takes the foundation of the program you are already using for basic Company and Contact Management.Then we take it to a level you never thought possible in Outlook. From the moment the problem is reported, you can begin collecting specific metrics that can all be used to:

      • sort
      • report
      • escalate
      • analyze and
      • efficiently handle the ticket

        Here we have chosen to standardize the description of the request. Then we capture the

            • Ticket Status
            • Request Status
            • Taking it from the request being updated into the system to defining it
            • Gathering all of the information needed and taking it to completion

              Here you can see that this client wanted:

                    • The Zone
                    • The person who actually reported or requested the problem
                    • The specific time that it was reported
                    • The area

                      And you will note that we have the capability to assign a ticket # to it for tracking and escalation purposes.Now you can start anticipating when the problem can be resolved and start estimating time and costs involved. In this case, the client wanted it assigned to specific Departments and then those Departments would update this service list with the type of action, details and costs involved.

                      All of this could then be invoiced, reported and used for analysis of services or trends as JUST AN EXAMPLE.

                      From there, every customer will have specific data they have to report on. Lockout dates, gas testing, lockout logs, Post Entry information. Much of this is often needed for Regulatory reporting and easily generated from Prophet CRM. You can also customize the type of activities you want more specific journaling or notes taken on. These too can be exported into reports by tickets or specific personnel.Then as you would expect, you can capture a complete history of emails, appointments and tasks. You can also create immediate access to any important files or related records.

                      There you have it… ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS AND ALL INSIDE the program your team is already using, Microsoft OUTLOOK!

                      Talk to one of our Senior Account Executives who specializes in CRM for the Customer Service & Resolution today. Allow us the opportunity to show you an Easy, Powerful, and Customizable solution your team will really use….Prophet CRM.