7 questions you need to ask yourself, the sales leader, when buying CRM and SFA software

Buying CRM and SFA software

What is the best way to buy CRM Software? When we talk with our customers, they maintain that sales is the most important role in their business. If you agree with that assertion, as we do, then isn’t it in your best interest to ensure the department is at its absolute highest performance?  In order […]

Easy Tips and Tactics for Effective Selling

Sales success

Sales isn’t just about presenting people with a widget that will solve all their problems. To be an effective salesperson, one has to also understand how to get people to recognize that such a widget will solve specific issues or otherwise grant a buyer some kind of benefit. With budgetary concerns at the forefront of […]

The Real Benefits of CRM

VP of sales tells you about the real benefits of CRM

As Sr. VP., Dir. of Sales & Marketing, I often stay hands-on in providing business consulting in order to design the most efficient and intuitive CRM interface for User Adoption and achievement of established goals. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with those of you contemplating the implementation of a new CRM or reviewing […]

5 Ways to Develop a Consistent Brand Voice

In real life you would never change the sign above your business depending on who comes in the door. Not only would it make you look strange–it’d also be extremely confusing for a customer to actually describe what your business is about. Strangely enough, many sales professionals and marketers are taking this tack with online […]

Communications Tech for Better Business & Selling

Businesses today have countless communications tools at their fingertips for keeping things running, from simple telephones and video systems to less traditional applications like productivity workflows. Keeping in touch with employees, coworkers, customers, and stakeholders has become easy and seamless, and lots of technology exists that is designed to fit unique business needs.

13 Steps Towards Strong Reputation Management

Don’t underestimate the power of the Internet to change how people view your company. From online reviews to your social media presence, it doesn’t take much to turn a 5-star rating into an embarrassment. And, unlike a bad reputation in high school, kids in the corporate world are not as quick to forget.

Management 101 — Easy Tips for New Managers

After the initial rush that comes with being hired or promoted into a managerial position there’s a lot of room for dread and anxiety to set in. Some new managers have a hard time coping with the transition, since their responsibilities and efforts might be newly focused on tasks that don’t always have immediately measurable impact (mentorship, […]

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