CRM Solutions for Banking

Retail Banking Software Solutions: Prophet CRM

Prophet CRM is your easy to use Retail Banking CRM solution seamlessly integrated within your Microsoft Outlook program. Further, it operates using the same familiar ICONS for ACTIONS like:

    • email
    • appointments
    • and tasks, along with additional ones that integrate with Word and Excel

    Prophet CRM can read the contacts and companies you already have. Then we take it to a level you never thought possible in Outlook.

        • Status
        • Stage
        • Branch
        • Lead Source

        ...and history of

        • Communications
        • Tasks
        • Calendaring
        • Notes
        • Relevant Files and Data involved in that account relationship

                Whether you are offering:

                  • Traditional
                  • Personal
                  • And Business products

                  … or additional solutions within:

                  • Lending
                  • Trust and
                  • Investment areas

                  …you can track it all here and know where those OTHER ASSETS like CD’s are coming due!

                      Further, don’t miss any cross selling opportunities. Every financial institution knows that the more products a client has with you, the more likely they will continue adding on services and doing more business with you.

                      Manage your:

                      • Marketing Campaigns
                      • accounts
                      • referrals and
                      • all of the relevant data associated with them

                      Sort and report using any of the relevant data metrics that you have chosen to track. Metrics you can query at point of query for real time analysis, decisions and actions… ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS AND ALL INSIDE the program your team is already using… Microsoft OUTLOOK.

                      Talk to one of our Senior Account Executives who specializes in CRM for the Banking Industry today. Allow us the opportunity to show you an Easy, Powerful, and Customizable solution your team will really use… Prophet CRM.