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Using a CRM To Transform Data Into Gold

Management recognizes the power of capturing metrics on activities that occur during those stages wherein their Business Development teams are turning a Prospect into a Client.  They use the CRM to measure and drive activities.  Then analyze the key performance indicators, (KPI’s), that appear to result in success.  This helps in defining the “Best Practices” […]

The Real Benefits of CRM

As Sr. VP., Dir. of Sales & Marketing, I often stay hands-on in providing business consulting in order to design the most efficient and intuitive CRM interface for User Adoption and achievement of established goals. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with those of you contemplating the implementation of a new CRM or reviewing your […]

8 Overlooked Productivity Hacks for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can sometimes be weighty and complex when not used properly. Smaller features that can easily enhance day-to-day business aren’t always front and center, but when implemented together they can have a meaningful impact on your workflow. We’ve documented the most commonly-used productivity enhancers in our Guide to Using Outlook. Mastering the productivity tips […]