Oct 10th 2017

Microsoft released several new updates to Office including three updates to Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2010 which removed all Outlook add-ins ability to display content in folders. This change was not made public until the release which left Avidian, and all other Microsoft Partners, scrambling for a solution to this fundamental change to Outlook.

In the past 48 hours our development team has been working very hard to find a solution to this issue for you, our clients. We have developed three executables which will apply a registry change to Outlook that will allow folders to display content once again. The links to these executables are located below. Please use the executable that matches your version of Outlook.

This registry change will resolve issues for those client that have already had Office updates applied and will also protect our clients preemptively if those updates have not yet been installed. If you have already run the Office updates and cannot see any content in your Prophet Folders and you have applied these changes, but continue to not see information please reach out to our Support department and they will be able to walk you through connecting Prophet with the folders once again.

Thank you for your patience in these last 48 hours as we have worked to restore your Prophet experience.

Required Updates

​If when you click on a Prophet folder and it states “There is no data to display” you have been impacted by a recent Microsoft Update. Run the Reg file below associated with your version of Outlook. You can determine your Version of Outlook by right clicking on the Outlook Icon in your task bar. Once you click the Reg file below you must close Outlook entirely.