Powerful Analytics | Real-Time Visibility

Visual Analytics

Prophet Analytics gives you a comprehensive set of highly actionable, full color performance dashboards. Leveraging a powerful Qlikview reporting engine to aggregate and display information inside the Prophet CRM software, Prophet Analytics transforms your data into interactive graphs and tables.

Prophet has helped us not only make more sales calls, but also to make those calls more targeted. It has improved our communications to the team and customers. It helps us track customer obligations and then follow through on those obligations. When a salesperson follows through on a customer obligation, they are a hero. If they don’t, well, then they are a bum. Prophet helps my team be heroes.

Gary DelGreco
 National Sales Manager, Motorcar Parts of America

Pipeline, Performance & Trend Analytics

Prophet CRM analytics and reporting tools merge data from Outlook and other sources to visualize what’s happening within the sales pipeline. View interactive pipelines, forecasts, trended performance, and sales activities.

Three types of customizable reports and analysis tools are available within Prophet CRM.